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The small stream of the same name runs alongside the route here.


Quiddelbacher Höhe

The "Quiddelbacher Höhe" rises to the left of the route. Quiddelbach itself is one of the four villages that are "in" the Nordschleife.



Former gliding area, which was located to the left of the race track.



To the right of the road is a large old stone cross from the time of the Swedish Wars (30 Years' War 1618–1648). Hans Friedrich Datenberg, then mayor of Kehlberg and tax collector of Adenau, was robbed and beaten to death by stray Swedish soldiers on this spot in 1638. The 2.90 m cross was broken in 1895, but is standing again thanks to an iron reinforcement.



Named after the nearby mountain. There used to be a kind of palace on this mountain, but now there is only a small hut and a few ruins from time to time. The town of Aremberg is located several kilometres northwest of the "Aremberg" section.



During construction work from 1925 to 1927, a fox nested in a tube at this point for several days, whereupon the name was coined by the construction workers.


Adenauer Forst

Forest area of the municipality of Adenau.



Here the route "crosses" a field that is said to have once belonged to a farmer called Mertgens.



The Kallenhard is a 471 m high elevation around which the section runs. "Hard" or "Hardt" stands for mountain forest or a wooded slope. Unofficially, this section is also known as the "mirror bend", as drivers used to regularly drive off their rear-view mirrors at the hedges on this bend.



Soap is the Celtic term for valley. In addition, there used to be a military training ground here in the valley. The Wehrseifen represented a kind of border between the rulers of Adenau and those of Breidscheid. There used to even be a boundary stone here.





A mill stood here outside ("ex") Adenau. Originally, the start and finish facility was to be built there. However, the mill owner refused to provide the necessary land.



A lead and silver mine was in operation here until around 1900, when it was closed because it was no longer producing enough.



This section was called "Kesselchen" by construction workers because it leads through a "valley basin". The Mühlenhardt rises up on the right-hand side, with the foothills of the Hohe Acht mountain on the left.



Only the bravest drivers take this bend with their foot down. This is where the unofficial name "courage curve" comes from – and still pushes racing drivers to their limits today.



This is the section between the Kesselchen and the Karussell. There was an Order of St. John here in the 14th century. In the 18th century, a hermit monk lived there to help those in need.



A steep-sided circle as part of the track, which was concreted in 1932. It was named after the famous racing driver Rudolf Caracciola (1901–1959).



Named after the first name of the wife of District Administrator Dr. Creutz, the spiritual forefather of the Nürburgring. Hedwig Creutz enjoyed the view there while her husband was on the building site.


Hohe Acht

At 747 m, the Hohe Acht is the highest mountain in the Eifel. However, the route does not lead over this mountain, but only past it. It is often wrongly assumed that this is the highest point of the route, but it is actually on the T13.



Named after the bobbing up and down in this section of the line, especially before it was defused.



It is named after a stream of the same name and the village of Herresbach-Eschbach. Originally there were also many ash trees.



Spring area that supplied the village of Herschbroich with water at the turn of the century. The Brünnchen is also the most famous spectator area on the Nordschleife.





The gardens and fields of the Counts of Nürburg were located here.





Named after the racing driver Stefan Bellof, who lapped the Nordschleife at an average speed of more than 200 km/h and a time of 6:11.13 minutes during training for the 1000 km race on May 28, 1983. Bellof also survived a serious accident at this point, in which the car was completely destroyed, unscathed. To mark the 30th anniversary of his record, Pflanzgarten II was renamed Stefan-Bellof-S on August 10, 2013.



Construction workers coined this name in 1926/27 because the section looks like a swallowtail from the air. Because of its course, the section is often referred to as the "Small Karussell".


Kleines Karussell



The route leads around the 587.8 m high elevation "Galgenkopf" with the right-hand bend after the small roundabout to the beginning of the Döttinger Höhe. Its name comes from the former place of execution of the Counts of Nürburg for public executions, which was located there.


Döttinger Höhe

Named after the nearby village of Döttingen.






The blueprint of our DNA

We live, think and breathe the Nordschleife. It is a myth, a magnet, a material mill. The most beautiful, at the same time the most demanding, the most emotionally lavish and at the same time the least forgiving race track in the world. It is magnificent. It is honourable. It is part of us. Some background information.

Racing is life.
Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

Steve McQueen

Fast facts

All about the NES

New racing series, lots of questions. The most important key points about the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES) are summarised here for you.

For individual questions, please contact us.


The Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES) has set itself the goal of making endurance racing on the Nordschleife attractive again and getting more people excited about it.


The Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES) welcomes all vehicles, teams and drivers who want to take on the challenge of the “Green Hell”. The basis for this is the technical regulations, which make it possible to take part in the NES and – without major technical changes – in other racing series.


Points are awarded in each race for the first 100 participants in the overall standings. In addition, points are awarded for placing in the respective division and class – depending on the number of starters.


Three divisions form the technical backbone of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES): close-to-production vehicles (Division 3), improved vehicles (Division 2) and thoroughbred racing cars (Division 1).


The Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES) allows all drivers and teams in all three divisions to compete for titles. In addition to the titles in the overall standings, titles are also awarded in division and class. The basis is a well thought-out points and class system.


Paper acceptance, paperwork, form stress – so nineties! Together with our partner onGRID, we are striving for a paperless race process, including registration and document handling. Even Tocotronic knew: digital is better! Even back in the nineties, by the way.



We are working at full throttle to promote the Nürburgurgring Endurance Series (NES). In our participant portal you will find all the important information on technical, sporting and organisational matters.


NES Signet

Vision and Mission


An idyllic piece of tarmac. Some say. A meaningful piece of identity for others. Fuchsröhre. Kallenhard. Wehrseifen. Brünnchen. Galgenkopf – every section of the track is a legend. Places of longing in international motorsport. The scene of the perpetual search for the fastest line and the answer to a simple question: who can master this Green Hell quickly and flawlessly?


We investigate this question. In a sporting way. Because we welcome everyone who wants to take on this challenge with passion, respect and fairness – regardless of their budget, background or class. Technically. Because motorsport has always been a glimpse into the future – aluminium, carbon and titanium have become a vision in the here and now. Humanly. Because it is the perhaps charismatic, but capable, courageous and driven, … in any case, personalities that carry our sport. Organisationally. Because all these fundamental and exciting facets need a clever format and an attractive external presentation.

In short: we do endurance racing.


Please feel free to contact us.

Questions? Suggestions? Wishes? We would love to hear about them! Please use the enquiry form below.

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