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Facts and backgrounds concerning the cancellation of the four-hour race at NES.02

8. May 2024



  • No alternative for cancellation: 88 marshals dropped out within just an hour and a half
  • Confirmations and cancellations logged: NES will investigate orchestrated approach
  • Teams and racing drivers particularly affected, numerous further involved

The cancellation of the four-hour race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NES) scheduled for Saturday, 4 May, on Friday afternoon became necessary after more than 80 marshals withdrew from their promised involvement as track marshals within a short space of time early on Friday afternoon.

NES rejects the outrageous allegations and insinuations that from the outset not enough marshals had agreed to be involved in NES.02 with the utmost clarity and determination.

NES made significant investments to stage the race

The NES has certainly not invested several hundred thousand euros in recent months to create the necessary infrastructure for races in order to then organise a ‘fake race’. These extensive investments include, for example, sets of flags, Code 60 and other signs, four BMW 330iX intervention cars including comprehensive equipment, IT equipment, start numbers and windscreen stickers etc., entry system and other software, equipment for technicians, cash register systems, new regulations, various printing costs, GPS system, website and other communication activities and much more. NES also books a helicopter for TV recordings, books the entire TV production including two live streams and three onboards as well as cameramen, commentators etc., books hotel rooms, orders catering and so on, knowing full well that none of this is needed? NES has the teams and drivers, some from overseas, and the entire organisation team, race management, the technical team, the timekeeping team, the crews of the various vehicles, the towing and recovery services, E-Unit, fire brigade and many other helpers (more than a hundred people in total) travel to the Nürburgring with the deliberate intention of not being able or willing to stage the race? Let everyone make their own judgement, NES will not make any further comment on these rumours and business-damaging insinuations, which are published on social media channels without any substance.

As both the commitments and cancellations of the marshals were recorded, the NES knows by name which persons cancelled a total of 88 sports marshals on Friday, 4 May, starting at 12:30 until approx. 14:00, and which sections of the track were affected. This orchestrated procedure is being investigated. DMSB employees were on site on Friday and got a direct impression of the events. Among the cancellations were also groups that were still in contact with the NES marshals’ coordinators until last Wednesday and Thursday and at that time there was no indication whatsoever that these stewards would not participate.

The race was fully secured by midday on Friday

By midday on Friday, the NES organisation had received a sufficient number of registrations and confirmations from track safety marshals, including reserves, to ensure that the race track would be staffed in accordance with the valid DMSB track licence. By 12.30 on Friday afternoon, the event was fully secured. No organiser can compensate for the 88 cancellations within 90 minutes. There was no alternative to cancelling the race planned for Saturday for safety reasons.

The damage caused by these cancellations was primarily felt by the teams and racing drivers who wanted to take part in this race and had made a huge effort to do so. Drivers who had travelled from far away to complete the necessary laps for their Nordschleife permit were deprived of this opportunity. Many service providers, businesses and self-employed people, whether hotels and restaurants, caterers or photographers, to name just a few examples, have suffered as well.

NES regrets the cancellation of the race and the circumstances that led to its cancellation. NES would like to express its sincere thanks to all those involved, first and foremost the entire organisation team, who have worked tirelessly and with great personal commitment over the past weeks to prepare the event, as well as all the track safety marshals, who have been and continue to be fully and sportingly available for the Nürburgring Endurance Series.


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